Kimchi Udon with Scallions (from Bon Appetit)

While most of the recipes I share will come from myself or my mother, I will occasionally share the best recipes that I come across. These recipes will be ones that simply knock my socks off. This Kimchi udon with scallions is one of those recipes. I grew up thinking that dairy and kimchi had to be enjoyed separately, but this and other dishes have proven otherwise. This one requires kimchi (we suggest KREAM Kimchi!), kimchi juice, gochujang, butter, udon noodles, a room temperature egg yolk, and then you finish it with some scallions and toasted sesame seeds. This is the easiest recipe that will make you feel like you are one of America's Top Chefs (did I do that right?). 

A quick note on sourcing ingredients. Gochujang should be in your fridge. It's a Korean hot pepper paste that makes everything better! And when you get udon noodles, I suggest getting the ones in the refrigerated section. They are so delicious! If you have gluten issues, you can sub udon for thick rice noodles. And if you are vegetarian/vegan, you could sub butter for a vegan butter. 

Kimchi Udon with Scallions (Bon Appetit) - sending you to their site! Enjoy! Photo by @shibaeatsco as this is way better than any of the photos I've taken! 



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