Soy Sauce Chicken (drummies or wings)

My mom would often make this dish for my brother and I and oftentimes we had it for breakfast! I'm sure there is a Korean name for this dish, but we just called it soy sauce chicken. I even had a friend on instagram tell me that their family called it this, too! I recommend if you have the time to slow cook this over 3 hours but you can always throw it in the instapot for quicker results. 

Soy Sauce Chicken (drummies or wings) 


2 pounds of drummies or wings
8 cloves of garlic
2 serrano peppers and a jalapeno (add more or less if you want it spicy or don't add at all if you don't want the spice)
1/2 medium sized yellow onion (quartered)
4 or 5 green onions (cut into 2 inch pieces)
1.5 cups of soy sauce
2 or 3 tbs sugar


Add 8 cups of water into your pot and add your drummies or wings. Get water boiling and boil the chicken for 10 minutes. Dump the water and give everything a quick rinse. Add all of the above ingredients into the pot including 1.5 cups of soy sauce and 3.5 cups of water. Once the liquid begins boiling, set to low, and put a lid on the pot. Slow cook the chicken for 2.5 to 3 hours. The meat should fall off the bone! Enjoy!
I, of course, recommend eating with steamed rice, some veggies (I recently ate with some stir-fried baby bok choy (in ginger, garlic, and some soy sauce), and don't forget to add kimchi! 








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Whoa! That’s a lot of soy sauce but luckily have a big jug from Costco need to use, so thought I’d give this a try. Slow cook low or high? How long in instapot?

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