Kream Kimchi

ICE KREAM Pack (kimchi sesame ice cream) Pints Peak ice cream and kimchi collab

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Kimchi. Sesame. Ice cream. ONLY 50 SETS for sale from each of us  

You didn’t ask for a savory ice cream but we did it anyway! We teamed up with Pints Peak to create this one of a kind flavor. Will people like it? We’re not sure. Will this change everything you think about kimchi and ice cream? Yes, it probably will. It definitely confuses the palate.

We’re so excited to announce that on Sunday 2/28 we’ll be at the Brunch Pop-Up at Tessa Delicatessen. You’ll be able to grab an Ice KREAM pack including a half pint of Kimchi Ice Cream, full pint of Passionfruit Chip, and a jar of traditional kimchi for $25. Pre-ordering to pick up any time at the pop up

Pints Peak is *ALSO* debuting their new Brunch Series!
🥂Peach Bellini
🍊Brûléed Grapefruit
🍞Caramelized French Toast
🍩Coffee Donut

See you all on the 28th at Tessa between 10am-1pm!