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JoJo's Sriracha (OG, Green, and/or Unicorn)

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I'm excited to be carrying Jojo's Srirachas in the KREAM store! Made in Pueblo with love by some very lovely humans. 
    • GOOD FOOD AWARD WINNER 2020 (OG). Winners demonstrate both a mastery of their craft and a commitment to maintaining exceptionally high social and environmental standards in their work.
    • GREEN CHILI SRIRACHA (GR). Expect a bright, tangy flavor with medium to spicy heat and surprising depth. If you’ve never experienced the green chilies of the west, you’re in for a real treat.
  • ONLY 5 INGREDIENTS: chili peppers, organic vinegar, organic garlic, sea salt and organic coconut palm sugar.
  • WILD FERMENTED. Jojo ferments her sriracha in small batches for incredible depth of flavor.
  • ALL NATURAL, NON-GMO, PRESERVATIVE FREE. That's the whole reason Jojo started making her own sriracha and she's been doing it the same way ever since.
  • CRAFTED BY HAND IN PUEBLO, COLORADO. Jojo works directly with small farms for the highest quality chili peppers that support the local agriculture and economy.