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.Kimchi Juice (Traditional or Vegan)

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After filling jars of kimchi, we end up with some kimchi juice. In the past, we would jar up this juice and surprise kimchi fans with a jar to take home. This was a special treat because there wasn't a lot of juice to share. With increased production due to demand at the markets, we are making a lot more kimchi and therefore have a lot more kimchi juice! While supplies last, we will sell kimchi juice in 16 and 32 ounce containers in both Traditional and Vegan varieties. 

What can you do with kimchi juice? 

  • Do a shot a day (packed with probiotics)!
  • Add it to fried rice or stews. 
  • Make a bloody mary or michelada. 
  • Make my favorite Bon Appetit recipe, Kimchi Udon noodles. 
  • The list goes on and on! 

We hope you pick up some juice next time you order some kimchi! 

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