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.…KREAM krunch chili oil (Vegan and Gluten Free)

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KREAM krunch is something we’ve been excited to share with you. We’ve had years of selling various chili oils at markets and online and we’ve been in love with them since first taste! Our chili crunch features everything we’d love in our ideal condiment!
We decided to use an avocado oil. Yes it’s expensive but I try to stay away from canola and most nut oils like grape seed oil because they become carcinogenic when heated to hot temperatures. 

Our crunch has 3 Mexican chilis, Korean chili flake (gochugaru), and Szechuan peppercorns. We fry shallots and then garlic before adding the hot avocado oil to a delicious blend of ginger, cardamom, star anise, sugar, a locally sourced mushroom spice blend, salt, and we’ve decided to inched MSG. While I recognize that there are some individuals that have an MSG sensitivity, it’s my opinion that so many people believe MSG is bad for you because of a study that was not peer reviewed that became the final (incorrect) assessment of the flavor enhancer. My mom always booked with MSG and people eat MSG in Doritos but seem to draw the line with Asian cuisine. I hope this will be a conversation catalyst and hope you will be interested in our chili crunch. I promise that KREAM krunch has umami that isn’t in most chili oils. 

Put KREAM krunch on your pizza , stir fries, fried rice, burgers, eggs, and more. Be careful though. You could find yourself unable to eat anything without KREAM krunch’
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