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MisoHot Chili Paste

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Meet MisoHot: your new go-to and all-purpose spicy condiment! The idea first came from a craving for a spicy flavor boost for fresh ramen. It was quickly discovered that the combination of umami rich miso and six varieties of roasted peppers elevates just about any savory food and can take your meal to the next level. Hot enough for spicy lovers to crave but not too hot for your not-too-spicy-loving friends. Put it on your eggs and sandwiches, make a marinade for chicken and steaks, even add it to your pasta sauce! But most importantly, get creative. This stuff is good on everything! This product is gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, does contain soy. Refrigerate after opening.

What should I put MisoHot on?

Anything! The way the fermented miso behaves, regardless of what food you put it on or in, it’s going to make that food taste like a better version of itself with a little extra heat.

Some of our favorite ideas:

Marinade for steaks, chicken, tofu and meat alternatives
On top of burgers
Inside quesadilla
Enchilada sauce
Smuggling it into your favorite pho or ramen restaurant
On top of eggs
In pasta sauces or curries
Spice up soups and chilis and stews
With cream cheese or mayonnaise for a sandwich condiment
Broiled salmon