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Momofuku Chili Crunch (3 varieities)

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Developed by David Chang and the Momofuku Culinary Lab, Chili Crunch is restaurant-tested and the result of a decade of research. 

With three types of Mexican chilis, crunchy garlic and shallots, Chili Crunch is the perfect balance of spicy and crunchy.

Extra Spicy Chili Crunch is twice as spicy as original Chili Crunch but it isn't just a blast of heat. The addition of habaneros gives Extra Spicy Chili Crunch a subtle floral flavor that tempers the flames. If you like it hot, you’ve met your match.  

Black Truffle
You can taste the difference. Unlike truffle hot sauces, ours is loaded with actual black truffles so you get real truffle in every bite. There’s nothing close to this.