Kream Kimchi

.Pickled Daikon (Vegan and Gluten Free)

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I've had the dream to one day offer made to order banchan almost like a Korean Deli! Here's my pickled daikon or Chicken Mu as you often see this side dish when you order Korean Fried Chicken. The pickled daikon is sweet and sour with just a little bit of salt and is great to have on the table when eating Korean food! This will be made fresh each week and will have a shelf-life of about a month. 

The ingredients are Korean Daikon, White Vinegar, Rice Vinegar, Sugar, and Kosher Salt. 

Pick this up along with some cucumber kimchi and KREAM Kimchi and all three will compliment whatever you are making! 

Available in 8 ounce deli containers. Prices are subject to change based on cost of goods.